H2O Staff

Meet our staff!

What are the people who work daily on the mission of Charming and Developing People Like? This is the place to know a little more about each one! :-)

Kassilene Cardadeiro

Owner & Director

almost 16 years at H2O

Favorite Place: Aquário Natural Boca da Onça Waterfalls

Favorite H2O Culture: Two of them! Open Doors and Listen Actively

Latest Big Acomplishment: Sofia (Her first daugther, born in December 2015)

Next Goal: Run the Punta del Este half marathon on September 10th, 2017

Rose Ueti


almost 8 years at H2O

Favorite Place: Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso

Favorite H2O Culture: Do More With Less

Latest Big Acomplishment: Her son going to school in the USA

Next Goal: Her daugther getting into med school

Ligia Petelinkar

Administrative Manager

almost 7 years at H2O

Favorite Place: Nascente Azul

Favorite H2O Culture: Listen Actively

Latest Big Acomplishment: Buying her car

Next Goal: Remodel her home

Gizeli Moraes

Operations Manager

over 4 years at H2O

Favorite Place: Buraco do Macaco at Boca da Onça

Favorite H2O Culture: Do More With Less

Latest Big Acomplishment: Being promoted to manager

Next Goal: Vacationing in Northeast Brazil

Izabel Marques

Junior Travel Agent

over 1 year at H2O

Favorite Place: Nascente Azul

Favorite H2O Culture: Seek Feedback

Latest Big Acomplishment: Seeing family again

Next Goal: Graduating college

Carolina Candelária

Administrative Assistant

about 1 year at H2O

Favorite Place: Balneário Municipal

Favorite H2O Culture: Smile Uniform

Latest Big Accomplishment: Making it into JBS

Next Goal: Buying a motorcycle