Caves in Bonito MS Brazil

The most popular activities in Bonito MS Brazil are water things, such as snorkeling or waterfalls. However, those who seek dry activities also have options to choose from! One of these options is Caves!

People who study soil may have already heard that Bonito's area is like swiss cheese. Because of the limestone, Bonito's land is full of spaces and amazing hollow areas! Some of these are checked and cleared for visitation, becoming a cave activity option.

The cave activities generally consist of nature walks with a good amount of stairs, making them great for those with stronger knees! :-)

The activities normally last not more than 2 hours and, because they are dry, the overall logistics are simpler and quicker. It is important to know that you should wear tennis shoes or something equally sturdy. Helmets are also required and are provided at each place. The cave activities are generally for children over 5 years old only.