Caves and other contemplative activities in Bonito MS Brazil

What makes Bonito MS Brazil famous, first and foremost is the fact that the area is full of crystal clear rivers and springs! All of this naturally transparent water, along with the surrounding healthy woods, make the perfect scenery for incredible activities!

It is important to remember, as you make your plans, that Bonito MS Brazil has even more to offer!

The activities often referred to as contemplative are great options to take a break from the water, water, water and also appreciate nature in a different way.

The caves are spectacular, showing cool rock formations and a world that nature usually keeps hidden from us. Totally comparable, you have the sinkhole at Buraco das Araras (Macaw's Hole), which is impressive both because of its size and the amount of birds that live in it.

Look carefully into the details on each open and be sure that at least one of them is included in your Bonito MS Brazil plans!