Things to do on your Bonito MS Brazil evenings

The activities in Bonito MS Brazil, because they are in nature, usually take place during the day. What about the evenings? What do the evenings and nights in Bonito have to offer?

There is downtown, with shops, restaurants, ice cream places and all of those charming small town things. The town is safe and an evening stroll down the main street is actually quite pleasant. You can head to Praça da Liberdade and take your picture in front of the Piraputanga fish water fountain!

What else?

Activities and tours! Evening activities and tours. Bonito has some options that operate in the evenings. They could be urban options, like the Boa Constrictor Project or City Aquarium, or they could give you a taste of nature and adventure, like Cabanas High Ropes Course (Canopy Tours), 4-wheeling (ATV riding), or maybe even a horse ride at Cavalgada do Peão, which includes music and a traditional meal.

There are many options to ensure that your night and tours in Bonito are as memorable as those you do during the day!