Bird Watching in Pantanal Sul and Bonito MS Brazil

The bird watching options in Bonito MS Brazil and the Pantanal Sul are for people who have already taken bird watching up as a hobby. They happen in reserves, preserves, or farms that are ready to handle this kind of traveler and keep them separate from other visitors and tourists.

The separation is due to the fact that bird watchers want to do just that: Watch birds. They tend to do away with some of the comforts and demand different access. The farms are open, welcoming and provide local guides. If there is a need for a specialized bird watching guide and/or someone who can speak languages other than Brazilian Portuguese, these requests must be explicitly made and confirmed at the time of reservation.

Some of the differences in bird watching operations are:

Visitors with bird watching vouchers can spend more time in the preserved areas.

Visitors with bird watching vouchers have more freedom to move around and explore exclusive spots around the farms and preserves.

Bird watching groups are smaller.

Within the periods hired (Half or full day), people with bird watching vouchers are free to choose their own meal break times.

The Pantanal is the planet's largest wetlands area and famous of its bird biodiversity. There is no better place in the world for bird watchers of any kind!

Rio da Prata Bird Watching

Jardim MS

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Estância Mimosa Bird Watching

Bonito MS

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