Bonito MS Brazil activities are farms and businesses that take care of the environment upkeep, organize the activity operation, prepare the meals (When included) and coordinate with the scheduled guides.

Visitors' transportation services are left for the agencies and other specialized companies. This is why the price is always separate from the activity itself.

This means that people who come to Bonito get to decide which transportation option they prefer. Because it is an open market, there are several options and companies to choose from. The main types are:

Shared Transportation: These are basically vans that work with different people and different agencies. They go by each person's hotel for pickup and then again for drop off. These vans have set dates and times for the activities. This can make booking Bonito activities a little more difficult, to fit everything you would like to do, but it is the most affordable mean of transportation.

Exclusive Transportation: You can hire a vehicle that will serve you exclusively. This service includes the driver, so you have peace of mind in terms of directions. This option gives you more flexibility and independence when making your plans and booking your activities. Bonito activities always have set dates and times, but with this transportation option you are eligible for all vacancies. It costs more than the shared transportation.

Car Rental: Renting a car and being responsible for your own transportation is also a good option. Bonito has good signage and the roads, despite not all being paved, are ok for regular cars. This option gives you more privacy and even more flexibility, because you can go earlier than planned when you wish, or you can stay longer afterwards.

H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos is an agency that works with all of these options in Bonito. Look at the details for each type of transportation, talk to your staff to have your questions answered and hire the one that best fits your style of traveling! :-)