When you buy a trip to Bonito MS or Pantanal Sul in Brazil, transportation services may or may not be included.

In Bonito, people do the trips, tours, and activities in different ways. Some people prefer to rent a car and drive themselves. Some people, who make the whole trip to Bonito driving themselves, just use their own car. Others like to hire local transportation, which can be an exclusive car or in the shared vans.

Pantanal Sul can be trickier. If the trip includes some of the more remote locations, hiring local transportation is a must. It may even be necessary to hire a 4x4 vehicle, because roads are difficult to see or navigate and may present obstacles such as rivers, creeks, large rocks, etc. However, there are options that can be easily accessed by a regular car, even a rental. So, as you make your plans and reservations, ask for information on the roads and the best transportation setup.

With all of this in mind, you will surely have a great time in Brazil, Bonito or Pantanal, because you will have a well planned trip with the transportation options that are best for you!