Arrival Information

Be prepared by looking at the arrival information ahead of time! :-)

In order to offer you great service, H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos has gathered and compiled important information that will help you be better prepared during your stay. We ask that everyone read this and let us know if there are questions.

First things first: Few people speak English in Bonito MS Brazil. Most or all communication will be in Portuguese only. If you've hired interpreting services, that person will help you in the activities. If you need assistance for other things (Hotels, restaurants, shops around town, etc) let them know and maybe it can be arranged.

If something changes during your trip, we'll leave a message for you at the hotel, so make sure that we have correct information and you check with the front desk each time you return.

If you'd like to book more activities, you can do it online or stop by the agency anytime we're open.

Campo Grande, Bonito and Pantanal times are one hour earlier than Brasilia. The time zone here is Cuiabá, UTC/GMT -4.

Every activity in Bonito requires a voucher. The voucher has all of your reservation information. Please take a look at the "Horário de saída", which is the suggested departure time. If you've booked transportation services, this is your pickup time. Please be ready, at the front lobby, at this time. If you're driving yourself, this is the time we suggest you leave town to arrive at your activity on time. Arriving late may result in missing the activity and rescheduling for this reason is not possible.

Also check the vouchers for other important information, which will be on the "Observações" area.

To avoid getting lost, we ask that you turn off any GPS devices and use the maps and directions provided by our staff. Some roads are not paved, but all are accessible in regular vehicles. Distances for Bonito activities vary between 6 and 60 kilometers. Pantanal begins 150 kilometers North of Bonito.

Rain and other weather conditions may affect the activities. We ask that you call our staff before leaving the hotel. The agency cannot refund costs for fuel wasted going to a canceled activity.

All changes and cancellations must pre-approved by the agency, considering each activity's policy and also high demand dates, when fines can be as high as the full amount. Cash refunds are not possible. Money is usually returned through bank or card transactions and may take up to 30 days.

Bring your vouchers every time you come to the agency. Changes cannot be made without them. This is mandatory because Bonito vouchers are tax documents specific to the activity at the date and time mentioned.

Drink bottled water during your entire stay. Bonito water is technically potable, however it contains high levels of magnesium, which can act as a laxative.

Wear light clothes and hats for the activities. Bring towels and swimsuits with you. Also bring sunscreen and insect repellent everywhere you go.

Some activities require sturdy shoes. They are: All caves, all high ropes, all horse rides, all bike trails, all 4-wheeling trails, all rappeling, Estância Mimosa, Boca da Onça, Buraco das Araras, and Lagoa Misteriosa. Acceptable footwear for these are: Sneakers, boots, Crocs (With the ankle strap), Tevas, Chacos, and similar types.

If rapeling, aside from good shoes, we also suggest high socks, comfortable long pants, and shirts that have sleeves. Go to the mandatory training wearing what you plan to wear on the day of the activity. Abismo Anhumas training takes place in town the day before the activity. Boca da Onça training varies, so please check with the staff for details.

Snorkeling and diving require the use of masks, which need to be in close contact with the skin in order to seal properly. Beards and mustaches can get in the way, so shaving before these activities will help ensure a comfortable experience.

People who are pregnant, elderly, have trouble walking, are afraid of heights, have fear of water, weigh more than 110 kilograms, or have other special conditions must let our staff know as soon as possible in order to receive extra information or be switched out of certain activities.

We offer waterproof camera rentals. The cameras can be picked up at the agency and should be dropped off on the same day. If you'd like to rent one, stop by anytime we're open. When you pick up your camera, check the security seals. Damage to cameras sealed inadequately are the client's responsibility.