About Us

About H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos

H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos is an agency that specializes in Bonito and Pantanal Sul, while also working intensely as the oficial tour operator for Mato Grosso do Sul state's largest conferences and events.

Throughout these 16 years in ecotourism and events operations, H2O has brought numerous clients fascinating experiences and worked with one mission in mind: Charming and developing people! This means that significant time and resources are directed to staff training, recognition, and well-being. Therefore, all clients can be sure they will be taken care of by a team that is happy to help and constantly improving.

From event logistics to family entertainment, H2O incorporates the #H2OExperience in all of its client processes. What is this experience exactly? It is the way we work to create incredible, memorable experiences for those we come into contact with. It is a way of charming our clients, of making things easier and better, so that every trip is extraordinary. This starts when clients begin contact with us to choose a destination or tour, goes on during the trip and beyond: everything is set up to design the best experience possible.