Terms and conditions for H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos packages

We want your experience with H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos, and especially the trip itself, to be the best it can be!

Help us ensure this by reading the information below and asking any questions you may have before making payments on your package.



Packages include exactly what is described on the itinerary; Items not mentioned are not included;

Availability for the suggested itinerary must be checked with our staff before making payments;

All reservations and bookings are subject to availability and price changes until our financial deparment has received and processed payment information.

Because of environmental legistlation, slots in Bonito activities are limited year-round. This means the only way to guarantee the more popular acitivities is booking and confirming in advance.

Once a package is confirmed and paid for, any change or cancelation must be have the agency's prior authorization, considering the cancelation policy and other information provided below. Any credit, when applied, will be valid for up to 06 months.

Refunds, when possible, are paid by wire transfer or processed directly with the credit or debit card company. There are no cash refunds. Refunds may take up to 30 days to go through, depending on how the package was initially paid for.



Use the info below for wire transfers. Please e-mail us the receipt afterwards.

BANCO DO BRASIL 40040001 - Ordem de Pagamento
Agency 2936 - X
Currer Account 121777 - 1
IBAN: 0013 381 221 777 80 000
Company: LS Turismo e Eventos Ltda Me
Fiscal Number: 05.937.637/0001-22
Phone Number: +55 (67) 3042-7082



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Choosing to not go on the trip for the purchased package, or not using any of its services, is considered a cancelation. This includes changing dates, as well. In order to be processed, all cancelation requests must be submitted by e-mail, regular mail, or fax.

There are fines and penalties for canceling. The amount charged follows the guidelines below and may also include extras due to specific rules - such as airline policies - and the operator's costs and comissions.

30 business days notice....................................10% penalty
30 to 21 business days notice...........................20% penalty
20 to 7 business days notice.............................70% penalty
6 business days notice or less.........................100% penalty



Bonito's activities' dates and times are always subject to change.

HIGH SEASON: Changes and cancelations are subject to the policies stated here as well as availability and conditions at the time the request is received.

SHARED TRANSPORTATION: Shared transportation may be up to one hour late. Issues and costs due to these delays are the client's responsibility. Clients must communcate full flight information (Airline, dates, times, and flight numbers) when making transportation reservations.

ABISMO ANHUMAS: There is a mandatory training - at Abismo's urban location - one or two days before the activity's scheduled date. The activity time and transportation times will be confirmed at the training. Abismo does not lock down times before the trainings take place. Diving at Abismo requites diving licenses and they must be shown to instructors at the training, outfitting, and activity.

SCUBA DIVING: Licensed divers must show all relevant documents to instructors.

PANTANAL (San Francisco, Passo do Lontra, 23 de Março, etc): The Pantanal is a large wetlands region that is located about 160 km North of Bonito. This means that going to these places for acitivites, meals, and/or overnights requires a 2-to-3-hour trip. This can be done in your own vehicle, rental car, or you may hire transportation.

FLIGHTS: Changes and cancelations are first and foremost subject to the airline's rules and policies.

FISHING: Be sure to look into the information about Piracema (Click here for the Wikipedia page) and other fishing rules within Brazil and the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.  It is also important to know that having the right lisences is the client's responsibility. Go to http://sistemas.agricultura.gov.br/pndpa/web/pesca_amadora.php to find out more about how it works.

RENTAL CAR: The car can only be picked up when a valid drivers license and credit card are presented. The credit card must be in the driver's name and have enough credit line available for the security deposti. The reservation may be canceled if dates and/or times are not followed correctly. Because renting a vehicle is a direct negotiation between the client and the rental company, it is the client's responsibility to check reservation details, as well as become informed on its rules and policies.