H2O Ecoturismo e Eventos clients have exclusive benefits! :-)

Aside from having the only staff with the charm and develop people mission, those who choose us can count on:


1. More than 10 years of exeperince and professional conduct in Mato Grosso do Sul tourism. We have what it takes to ensure that you enjoy your trip with peace of mind!

2. Teams located in both Bonito and Campo Grande, making us more present and easily contacted.

3. Effectiveness upon your arrival! Our processes assist you in getting everything ready ahead of time, so you find everything ready to go at your hotel and start your vacation right away!

4. The only Bonito company that invests time and resouces into staff training, recognitiion, and overall well-being. Be sure that you're in the hands of happy and committed people who are constantly learning and growing!

5. Discounts, freebies and other special deals that improve your trip and experience! Just ask our staff for more details!