Passo do Lontra Pantanal Lodge Complex

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Pantanal Sul is how we refer to the southern area of the Brazilian Pantanal. The Pantanal itself is the largest flooded wetlands region in the world!

If you plan to visit this area, one of your best options for places to stay is the Passo do Lontra Lodges Complex.

The complex is located on Estrada Parque, which is the place of choice for visits in and access to the Pantanal Sul. The 120 km long road has 87 wooden bridges and send the message that this is not your everyday tour. Anytime you're on this road, anywhere, you're completely surrounded by nature, animals, and Pantanal's unbelievable extensive sights.

Passo do Lontra itself is located only 9 km from Buraco das Piranhas, the place where the BR-262 highway (Campo Grande - Corumbá) meets Estrada Parque. This gives the place of the authentic Pantanal charm while keeping it somewhat easily accessible.

Something else totally worth mentioning is that this place has Estrada Parque on one side and Rio Miranda on the other! One of the most important rivers in Pantanal Sul, the Miranda is famous for its boat tours, catamarans rides, fishing expeditions, and the many times it has been featured in news stories, documentaries, TV shows, and magazines.

The "cottages" at Passo do Lontra are spacious and comfortable. They each have beds, a private bathroom, and small entry room with a mini fridge. The place also has a restaurant, nature trails on stilts, and docks at the Miranda River.

Another part of the Passo do Lontra Complex is the São João Ranch. This ranch is also located on Estrada Parque, a little more than 20 km beyond Passo do Lontra. This ranch is the place where some of the activities and even meals happen for those visiting the complexo. The scenery is more rural and the infrastructure simpler.

If this complex and/or the Pantanal seem to be your kind of adventure and/or what you seek for your trip, it's time to think about how to include it in your plans!

Do you prefer to visit the Pantanal to fish or enjoy nature?

For those who prefer fishing, the recommendation is to focus on packages and plans that keep you at Passo do Lontra itself and include fishing from the docks or on boats that take you up and down the Miranda River. Because the place is right there by the river, access is easy and that makes going back and forth possible, if necessary. It's hard to find a better place for fishing in the Pantanal! Talk to your agents and get more details about prices, seasons (especially the Piracema!!), and the rules for getting your fishing license before your trip!

Now, if you're more of the enjoying nature type, you'll love the nature trails at Passo do Lontra, the safari to Fazenda São João, horse riding, river safari down Miranda River to where it meeds the Vermelho River, and much more!

Regardless of what you choose, if you need transportation, that service is separate. Talk to our team to get details on the options available.

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