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For those who come to Mato Grosso do Sul to visit Bonito, the Pantanal is right there! It is worth taking a day or more to enjoy nature and the largest wetlands area on the planet!

One of the options is Fazenda San Francisco in Miranda MS. Because it is easy to get to, the whole way is paved.

A little over 160 km starting with MS-178 highway, going through Bodoquena, where it changes to MS-339, and finally through Miranda, where you take BR-262 towards Corumbá up to the farm gates.

Almost 240 km on BR-262 up to the farm gates. You will go through Aquidauana and Miranda.

Once at the farm/lodge, you will have everything you need: Swimming pool, TV room, wi-fi internet, restaurant, and more! The rooms are sophisticated and comfortable, similar to 3 or 4 star hotels. They all have AC, ceiling fan, minibar, hot showers, and traditional decorations. There are 18 rooms total, which can all be Individual, Double, Triple or Quadruple.

The activities are great experiences! Based on the farm/lodge's operation, the guides lead safari, barge rides, horse rides, canoeing, nature walks and even night spotting. They all have the same goal: Take you to see and feel part of amazing natural world that only the Pantanal can bring you! There is a huge variety of plant and wildlife species everywhere! Lots of colors and all kinds of sounds make each moment special!

1 night at the farm/lodge includes:
- 2 day time activities
- 1 night activity
- 1 lunch
- 1 dinner
- 1 breakfast
- 1 night in a double room

Drinks and transportation are not included.

Good thru 31/dez/2017
Rates include lodging, activities and meals



Room Individual 710
Double 484
Triple 454
Quadruple 432
Children (5 to 11 years old) 385

Children 4 and under are free;
Children 12 and over are calculated as adults;

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff to include it.

DISTANCE FROM DOWNTOWN BONITO: Around 160 km, paved all the way to the farm/lodge gates
DISTANCE FROM CAMPO GRANDE: Around 240 km, paved all the way to the farm/lodge gates

Talk to our staff to get more details and make this part of your trip!

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