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An outstanding experience that is easy to get to!

At the Salobra River Delta, two branches of river form an island where you can experience the Brazilian Pantanal in an unbelievable way! Refúgio da Ilha is a place like no other!

Half way between the cities of Campo Grande and Corumbá, near Bonito as well, the place is easy to get to. From Highway BR-262's pavement, there are only 11 km of dirt roads to the farm's entrance. This makes it possible for 4x4 vehicles to get to it year-round. A very special thing in the Pantanal!

Right as you arrive, you will notice that it is in fact a "Refúgio", meaning haven or hideaway in Brazilian Portuguese, because the Salobra's Pantanal's natural diversity is astonishing! The farmhouse is surrounded by lots of green, water and sounds that only a place with outstanding biodiversity can bring together.

The 8 rooms available are simple, but charming and welcoming. 6 of them can be quadruples.

The activities can be boat rides, jeep rides, canoeing or horse riding. There are also nature walks. Usually there are 2 activities each day (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon), always hoping to discover and experience more of Salobra River and watch and woods and wildlife that bring people from all over the world to the Brazilian Pantanal.

The groups are organized by the farm staff, according to the guides, overall schedules and weather conditions. The goal is to allow everyone to enjoy the activities safely and in groups of no more than 6 people, so that the groups can be quieter and have a smaller impact on nature.

Does all of this make you want to see it and experience it for yourself? Talk to our staff so that you can make your reservations and check into transportation options out of Campo Grande or Bonito!


Good thru 31/dec/2016
Rates include lodging, activities and meals


Room Individual 875
Double 613
Triple 613
Quadruple 613
Children (4 to 10 years old) 369

Children under 4 years old are free;
Children who are 11 years old, or older, are calculated as adults;

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff about including it

DISTANCE FROM BONITO DOWNTOWN: Around 150 km out of which 11 are not paved
DISTANCE FROM CAMPO GRANDE DOWNTOWN: Around 230 km out of which 11 are not paved

Talk to our agents about making this part of your trip!

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