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The best option to explore the Rio Negro (Black River)'s Pantanal region!

Located where the Vazante do Castelo (Castle's Ebb) and Rio Negro (Black River) meet, Barra Mansa lodge is in the perfect place for those who want to see Pantanal's most diverse and preserved area. The area allows for easy access to incredible Pantanal landscapes and views that make everyone's day better. From the farm lodge itself it is possible to look out and take in tons of healthy forest, hear a wide range of nature sounds, and truly detach from the urban uproar to find refuge in a totally natural haven, when humans can feel part of the whole.

Sit with the locals that to this day live at the farm according to their Pantanal roots. They have lots of funny and interesting stories to tell. They will also be happy to share their wealth of knowledge and wisdom on the very diverse local ecosystem. Because the lodge caps at 17 people, the place is totally family-like and everyone is welcome to join the chat circles under a tree, by the river bed, or around a fire.

This same family-like vibe allows for great quality gastronomical experiences. Each meal is caringly crafted and can cater to different types of diets, even vegetarian or vegan, for example.

Durance o dia, no no início da noite, entre em contato direto com a natureza deslumbrante e como as energias naturais do Pantanal, fazendo atividades como a canoagem, como um cavalo, observação de pássaros, passeios de barco, pesca, safári e atividades pela natureza . Se você gostaria de experimentar as rotinas diárias do dia-a-dia, você também pode participar da jornada de operações, colhendo leguminosas, manipulando gado e até mesmo indo para as viagens de realocação de gado que fazem muitos anos para um cavalo. , do lado de fora do rio e cruzando pela manhã! Quando você chegar a uma fazenda, fale com seu guia para que você possa fazer coisas que melhor se encaixam no que você gostaria .

So, do you want to go? Make your reservation, then, also checking the best transportation option. The lodge is in the rural parts of the town of Aquidauana, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. There are periods when you can only get there by plane, in small aircrafts that land on the lodge's own landing strip. When ground access is possible, it always requires 4x4 vehicles. Here are some more details on these variations:

The waters are clear, so it is possible to see underwater life. It is a great time for fishing. Both air and ground access are possible.

The fields left behind by the flood, once swept by the ebb, show a renewed Pantanal, with fresh plants and new aromas. the river beds show small beaches that can be used and wildlife is seen more often. It is possible to get to the lodge by airplane or 4x4 vehicles.

Vazante do Castelo (Castle's Ebb), Rio Negro (Black River), the bays and the saline waters surround the lodge, turning it into an island. Having water everywhere brings remarkable sights, making each sun rise and sunset a show in itself. The wildlife is usually watched from horses, boats or canoes. For those who like to fish, this is an unmatchable experience. Book air transportation, because there is no way even the best 4x4 vehicles will make it to the lodge.

Good thru 31/dec/2019
Rates include lodging, activities and meals

RoomSingle or Double1676
Family Suite2315
Private House2847

- Minimum of 2 nights during regular periods
- Minimum of 3 or 4 nights during July, August and national holidays

- 2 rooms that can be single or double
- 1 family suite with one double bed and 2 twin beds
- 1 family suite with 4 twin beds
- 1 private house with 2 bedrooms (1 with a double bed and the other with 3 twin beds), 1 bathroom, a living room with mini bar, and a private balcony

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff about including it

DISTANCE FROM BONITO DOWNTOWN: Around 240 km and over 100 km is not paved
DISTANCE FROM CAMPO GRANDE DOWNTOWN: Around 300 km and over 100 km is not paved

Talk to our agents about making this part of your trip!

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