Rio do Peixe Waterfalls

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  • Banheiros
  • Restaurante
  • Redário

What to bring

  • Roupa de Banho
  • Chinelo
  • Dinheiro
  • Protetor Solar
  • Repelente
  • Chapéu/Boné
  • Água


Yes, always included for this activity


All ages

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


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The Rio do Peixe waterfalls activity is one of the most tradition in Bonito MS Brazil, because it was a pioneer in the area's ecotourism and because the lunch is often ranked as the best around.

It is a full day activity, so it is best for travelers who have plenty of time in town and truly like to walk trails and play in waterfalls.

The staff feeds animals who live in the woods nearby Água Viva Farm, so, when conditions allow, visitors can interact with macaws, toucans, monkeys or even a tapir. It just depends on the animals. When it all works out, the pictures turn out quite fun!

Rio means River in Brazilian Portuguese, while Peixe means Fish. Rio do Peixe translates directly to River of Fish or Fish's River. The name comes from the fact that one of the main rivers in the farm has tons of fish, though they are not the focus on this activity.



- When you arrive at Água Viva Farm, hand your voucher in to the person who greets you;
- Pay attention to the information on group organization and activity times;
- When it is time to start, the guide will gather everyone and talk about the nature walk and clothes needs, etc;
- Once the group is ready, the guide starts leading the nature walk to the falls, making the stops at the falls;
- Around lunch time (Usually around 1 pm, but could vary), the guide brings everyone back to the main area;
- Everyone eats from the large buffet, which includes lots of different options;
- After the meal, people can enjoy the hammocks and/or, when conditions allow, take part in the interactions with the animals;
- Eventually the guide gets the group back together for the afternoon portion of nature walking and waterfalls, which are different from the morning;
- At the end of the day, everyone heads back to the main areas to get changed, close their tabs and head back to town;
*The activity usually lasts between 6 and 7 hours, but could take more or less time depending on weather conditions and/or group needs;
**Despite the fact that lunch at Rio do Peixe is famous, it cannot be purchased on its own; In order to have lunch at this place, you must purchase the activity at full price;



- Restrooms
- Restaurant
- Hammocks



- Light clothes
- Swimwear
- Flip flops
- Towel
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
- Cash for general expenses



This activity is good for all ages, because the walk is easy



Per person



Not included, talk to us about including it



Yes, always included on this activity



Around 37 km out of which 6 are not paved