Estância Mimosa Horse Riding

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  • Banheiros
  • Restaurante
  • Redário
  • Chuveiros
  • Lago / Lagoa
    Lago / Lagoa
  • Espreguiçadeiras

What to bring

  • Protetor Solar
  • Repelente
  • Tênis
  • Chapéu/Boné
  • Calça longa
  • Máquina Fotográfica
  • Água


Not included. Talk to our staff to include it.


Ages 5 and up

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


Get every detail:

Estância Mimosa is a gorgeous, charming, farm, where a waterfalls nature walk happens around Mimoso River's falls. At the same farm, there is also a horse riding activity.

The trails for the waterfalls nature walk and the horse riding are different. They are both within the same property, but they do not cross paths with each other. People who would like to do both activities, will see different things on each. People who do both will also get to enjoy lunch, which is made on the wood stove and delicious!

During the horse ride, the group does on open fields, must most of the activity takes place in smaller trails that go up and down the mountains. One of the cool things about this activity is the momento where you reach the top of the highest mountain in Bonito. That is right, this horse ride will take you to the top of the highest spot in Bonito and, from there, you can see the beautiful mountain range and town. Those who choose to go horse riding in the afternoon can add the sunset to this view and simple be in awe with the whole experience.

This horse ride is a great way to experience Bonito's rural and natural vibes from up close!



- When you arrive, hand your voucher over at the front desk;
- Pay attention to the information on group organization, since there are never more than 8 people at once;
- When it is time to start, the group will be called by the monitor who will then provide initial information and help each person get on their horse;
- Once everyone is mounted and ready to go, the guide will signal for the horses to start moving and they go to the trail in a single file line;
- Most of the activity happens in trails, with the horses gently walking the single file line;
- The horses are chill and tranquil, so the activity is great for people are considered newbies in horse riding;
- Throughout the trail, the group goes to different parts of the farm land and can see the woods, the mountains, and possibly animals;
- The trail ends back at the starting point, near the main areas, and then each person can get off their horse;
- The instructor will help anyone who needs help getting down and then the group is free to go change;
- Lunch, when included, may be before or after the activity, depending on the time;
*This operation usually lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes, but that may vary due to weather conditions and/or specific group needs;



- Restrooms
- Restaurant
- Hammocks
- Lake for nature observation
- Souvenirs shop



- Tennis shoes or boots, mandatory
- Long pants, so that you may be more comfortable on the horse
- Insect repellent, use it in generous amounts!
- Sun lotion
- Hat
- Cash for general expenses



- Children under 4 cannot do this activity.
- Children between 4 and 7 ride with an adult, as long as together their weight stays below 100kg.
- Children over 7 ride a horse on their own.
- The instructors are not authorized to take children on their horse.



Per person



Not included, talk to us about including it



Not included, talk to us about including it



Around 23 km out of which 7 are not paved