Recanto do Peão Horse Riding - Night Time

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Recanto do Peão horse riding is one of Bonito MS Brazil's main horse riding options, because it is the only one that shows you the original cattle path used by the Pantaneiro cowboys when they brought the large masses of cattle through or around Bonito.

Aside from the horses, this activity gives you a taste of the culture, offering traditional food before or after the activity, depending on the time. Those who do the horse ride during the day will normally find chipa (Starch rolls made with cheese) or sopa Paraguaya (Similar to cornbread or corn cake). The difference for those who choose the night version is having the traditional arroz carreteiro instead. Arroz carreteiro is a dish that is very present in Mato Grosso do Sul state's culture and basically consists of beefy rice. It is prepared in ways that could be considered similar to risotto, but it envolves white rice, fresh or jerked beef and typical Brazilian seasonings, like onions and garlic.

They also provide Tereré for people to try. Tereré is a drink made with Erva Mate and cold water. It is one of the most traditional things in Mato Grosso do Sul. People drink it often to cool off and while hanging out with friends.

Another reason to choose the night option is the music. Every night the staff will set up traditional local music to add to the visitors' culture experience!

For more details on the riding in itself, click here and find the full description on the day time option's page.