Taboa Atelier Charming Factory

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Not included, this location does not have meal services.


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The Taboa Atelier Charming Factory tour is a great option for those seeking evening activities, who like cultural experiences, or simply hope to savor the thorough tasting offered at the end.

Taboa Bar was one of the first bars in Bonito MS Brazil, still is the most popular, and continues to make the only drink from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul that is officially registered with Brazil's Department of Agriculture: The Taboa cachaça, which mixes cachaça (A Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane), honey, cinnamon, guarana powder and herbs. The Taboa drink can have special flavors, such as Guavira (A fruit local to Bonito's area) or coffee.

At the Taboa Atelier Charming Factory tour you will have the chance to learn more of this bar's history, which has a lot to do with Bonito's history itself and how it came about to be one of Brazil's main tourist destinations. You will also get to know some of the local culture through crafts and the stories told by the staff, because the tour employs local youth in order to provide them with professional development opportunities that open the doors to the careers that the tourism industry has brought into the area.

At the end of all this, you will have the unique opportunity to try several Taboa flavors and different kinds of teas from their own herbal garden. Neither the Taboa flavors nor the teas are available at the bar downtown. They are only for those who do the Taboa Atelier Charming Factory tour.

The souvenirs shop located at the tour is also the only place in town where you can find all of the Taboa flavor options. Variety tends to be limited at the bar and the shops downtown.

- When you get to the front desk, inside the souvenirs shop, hand your voucher over to the staff;
- Pay attention to the information on group organization as well as where you will be walking;
- Follow along with the instructor, taking part in the activities and asking any question you would like;
- At the end of the activities, make yourself at home for the tastings;
* This tour usually takes around 1 hour, but it may vary due to group needs or the day's operation.

- Restroom
- Souvenirs shop

- Camera
- Cash for general expenses

AGES: This activity is for children over 5 years old

PRICE: Per person

TRANSPORTATION: Not included. It may be included for free. Talk to our staff for more details.

MEAL: Not included, this tour does not have food services.

DISTANCE FROM DOWNTOWN BONITO: This place is within the urban perimeter, about 700 meters away from Taboa Bar, which is in the main downtown area. The area is completely paved.

Bonito activity prices are set by the attractions themselves and strictly controlled, equal at all agencies. Variations may happen because of rates expiration dates and/or differences between low and high season rates.