Pantanal Day at Fazenda 23 de Março Farm

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In October of the 1987, Dr. João Julio Dittmar (Vascular surgeon) inherited the land today known as Fazenda 23 de Março (March 23rd Farm) from his parents: Romeu Oliveira Dittmar and Isaura de Oliveira Dittmar. The farm itself was not founded and established until March 1988, when the name became official. The reason for such a name is nothing more than the fact that it is his birthday.

The farm holds on to typical Pantanal traditions and culture to this day. Especially because of its main activities, cattle raising and sheep farming, it has facilities and staff that live the true Pantanal way of life everyday. It is clearly a great example of what Pantanal Ranches are like.

This setup has made the owner's family and friends often want to visit the farm, going over for vacations or to enjoy the ranch with their friends. With time, the farm decided to include tourism in its activities, but always focused on continuing to take good care of everyone, being personal and welcoming. This is the reason day groups can be no larger than 30 people and overnight groups are capped at 24. This allows the staff to maintain the warm atmosphere and prepare all meals on the wood stove, an important Pantanal tradition.

People who go to Fazenda 23 de Março for the day can count on doing 2 activities. It depends on the farm's daily schedule, but it could be nature walk, safari, handling cattle, horse riding or even some kind of fishing. It is just important to check in on things such as the day's schedule in terms of staff and other visitors.

All activities take place within the farm itself and happen with a guide. Lunch is included for those who spend the day and it happens to be an amazing farm meal, simple and delicious!

The feeling left with those who experience Fazenda 23 de Março is like that of having visited family or good friends! Try it!

OPERATION* ** ***:
- Arrive at Fazenda 23 de Março by 8 am having had breakfast already (Keep in mind the trip from Bonito takes close to 3 hours, while going from Campo Grande takes close to 4);
- Introduce yourself to the staff and pay attention to the information on the activities, times and guide;
- When it is time for the first activity to start, the guide with gather the group, provide more information and check for necessary gear;
- Once the first activity ends, everyone heads back to the main farmhouse for lunch and some free time;
- The afternoon is the time for the second activity and the guide will provide the information, also;
- When the second activity ends, the group is free to change, get ready and head back to town;
*The whole day normally lasts around 6 or 7 hours, but could be less or more time, depending on weather conditions and/or group needs;
**The day's schedule (Actual activities and their order) is confirmed by the farm staff, based on the day's logistics; This makes it so that each reservation has the details confirmed upon the visitor's arrival at the farm;
*** The day activity only happens when 2 or more people are confirmed.

- Restrooms;
- Restaurant;-
- Hammocks;
- Swimming pool (Check availability for Day Use);

- Light, long clothes as well as a cap and/or hat (In Pantanal, both the Sun and insects demand extra care);
- Swimwear and towel (In case the pool is ok for use during lunch);
- Insect repellent - Use tons of it!
- Sun lotion - Use tons of it!
- Cash for extras;

AGES: The activities are for children over 5 years old only; For horse riding, the guide has final say on how it will take place (Rather the children can go on their own, must have an adult with them, etc);

PRICE: Per person

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff to add it

LUNCH: Yes, always included for this activity

DISTANCE FROM BONITO DOWNTOWN: Around 170 km, out of which 25 are not paved

DISTANCE FROM CAMPO GRANDE DOWNTOWN: Around 210 km, out of which 25 are not paved

Bonito activity prices are set by the attractions themselves and strictly controlled, equal at all agencies. Variations may happen because of rates expiration dates and/or differences between low and high season rates.

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