Pantanal Day at San Francisco Farm

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Yes, always included for this activity


All ages

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Get every detail:

San Francisco Farm is an incredible Pantanal farm, located in Miranda MS Brazil's Pantanal. It expands over 15 thousand acres of land and its history started in 1973, with 100 thousand acres! Throughout the years and generations, the farm was passed onto different family members and upgraded and improved according to newer technologies. In general, the focus continues to be raising cattle and growing rice. Today, part of the farm is dedicated to preservation and all of it is used in the ecotourism activities.

Because it is a well set up farm that is also easy to get to, it caters especially to people who go to Pantanal hoping for an experience in nature that still allows for some comfortable perks. The roads from Bonito (Around 160 km) or Campo Grande (Around 240 km) are all paved, for example. You will only hit unpaved stretches once you are already within farm property.

People who spend the day here do 2 activities: Chalana (Sometimes translated to English as "Barge") and safari for photos.

Chalana (Barge): It is a kind of boat, very common in Pantanal, that in this activity goes around São Domingos Corixo (Sometimes translated to English as "Channel"). It may take large groups of people and allows people to see mainly caimans, capybaras and birds. When conditions allow, the activity includes some playful pirana fishing.

Safari: It happens on vehicles such as trucks and buses that have been adapted, so that people can sit on simple seats in the back. Because they are mostly open, they allow everyone to see the woods, fields, meadows, pastures and animals that sometimes make an appearance. They are all covered by tarp, which protects the groups from the rain or harsh Pantanal Sun.



- Be sure to arrive at San Francisco Farm by 8 am having already had breakfast (Keep in mind that the drive from Bonito or Campo Grande takes about 3 hours);
- Stop by the reception area and turn your voucher in;
- When it is time for the safari to begin, the guide will organize the group and clear for people to get on the vehicles;
- Once everyone has boarded, the guide will assume his/her position and provide initial information;
- When everything is set to start, the vehicle goes around different places at the farm;
- Part of the activity happens on preserved areas, where you can see the dense, healthy woods;
- Part of the activity happens around the meadows and pastures, where you will see caddle, typical scenery and other animals;
- Part happens around the rice fields, which tends to be the best places to spot birds, deer and other species, because it is flat and the grains bring the whole food chain out;
- The guide talks the whole time, explaining the forest, wildlife and helping spot animals;
- After about 3 hours, the vehicle heads back to the main areas, where lunch is served and everyone gets a chance to relax a bit;
- In the afternoon, when it is time for the Chalana (Barge), the guide gathers the group again so that everyone can get to it and get onboard safely;
- The Chalana (Barge) goes around São Domingos Corixo (Channel), where people can see lots of green space, caimans, capybaras and more!
- At the right time, the guide will explain and facilitate some playful pirana fishing;
- After about 2 hours, the Chalana (Barge) heads back so that everyone get ready to head out;
*The activity usually lasts between 6 and 7 hours, but could vary because of weather conditions and/or group needs;
** The order can be flipped due to weather conditions and/or the farm's logistical needs; This makes it so that each reservation has the order confirmed upon the visitor's arrival at the farm;



- Restrooms
- Restaurant
- Hammocks
- Swimming pool (Check availability for Day Use)



- Light, long clothes as well as a cap and/or hat (In Pantanal, both the Sun and insects demand extra care)
- Swimwear and towel (In case the pool is ok for use during lunch)
- Insect repellent - Use tons of it!
- Sun lotion - Use tons of it!
- Cash for extras



This activity is great for all ages, because the place is easy to get to and everything is chill



Per person



Not included, talk to our staff to add it



Yes, always included for this activity



Around 160 km, out of which 10 are not paved



Around 240 km, out of which 10 are not paved


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