Abismo Anhumas Scuba Diving

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  • Banheiro Químico
    Banheiro Químico

What to bring

  • Roupa de Banho
  • Máquina Subaquática
  • Tênis
  • Meias
  • Calça longa
  • Toalha
  • Água
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Not included, this location does not have meal services.


Ages 10 and up

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


Get every detail:

There are no words, pictures, or videos capable of describing, showing, illustrating or communicating what scuba diving in Abismo Anhumas is like!

One of the most popular activities in Bonito MS Brazil, Abismo Anhumas brings people from every corner of the planet! Experienced divers, who have gone diving in a large variety of places, when come to know Abismo Anhumas, are left in awe and put it with their best experiences in life.

A terrific cave, that you can only go into by rappelling 72 meters down from the top whole to the water level, simply takes your breath away. Once inside, on the docks, you will already notice that the lake is unbelievably transparent. The rock formations also impress everyone.

After putting your diving gear on, it is time to be amazed once again, because the underwater view of the lake is even more extraordinary than what you will have seen up to this point. After diving, the dry part is explored from a raft. Once everything has happened and you have changed into dry clothes, the way out is by climbing the same rope you used to rapel in, giving this amazing experience a worthy grandiose finale.


OPERATION* ** ***:

- One, or two, days before the activity, go to the urban location downtown (Near the town's main square) to go through the MANDATORY training (Click here for more information);
- Once training has taken place, confirming your reservation's date and time, show up at the place itself, as directed by the instructor staff;
- Visitors go down into the cave in twos;
- The instructor staff will provide the safety equipment, help you put it on and provide assistance as needed on the way down;
- The whole is small at first, but becomes larger as people go down, eventually opening up to the point that you can see the entire cave around you;
- The 72-meter rapel descent ends on the docks where people get organized into groups and change clothes to get their scuba diving gear on;
- Once everyone is ready, the diving instructors take visitors around the crystal clear lake, which is about 18 meters deep;
- After diving, the raft ride takes you to see the cave's dry areas;
- Once the raft ride is finished, people are free to change into their dry clothes and get ready to leave;
- The exit, when authorized, is on the same rope as the way in, also in twos;
- After climbing the 72 meters up the rope, the top staff will help you get the safety equipment off and you are free to go;
*The operation usually takes around 3 hours, but can vary dues to weather conditions and/or group needs;
**The order in which the activities happen (Rappelling, diving, raft, leaving) is always subject to change;
***This activity's duration is estimated to be 3 hours, but logistics could make it take all day. Any cost or trouble resulting from operation delays is the client's responsibility.



- Porta potty



- Light, long clothes (To keep the rope from touching the skin directly)
- Tennis shoes or boots
- Long socks
- Swimwear
- Towel
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
- Snacks, because the activity may take longer than 3 hours and no food is provided



This activity is for people older than 10 years old only
*Instructors have the authority to keep anyone from participating if they feel like the person may compromise the group's safety



- Prior training is mandatory. Not showing up at the training may result in reservation cancelation with no refund.
- This activity confirms dates and times only at the training. Any date and/or time communicated prior to training is subject to change once training has taken place.



Per person



Not included, talk to our staff about including it



Not included, this place has no food services available



- Snorkeling at Abismo Anhumas



The urban location is in downtown Bonito (Near the town's main square, with the fish) and the place itself is around 20 km away, not paved.