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Ages 10 and up

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From the outside, it seems like any ordinary place. A small lake, that seems blue-ish, but does not seem to hide anything special. From the inside, when you are underwater, it takes your breath away!

Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon or Lake) is in the town of Jardim MS Brazil, about 50 km outside of Bonito and in the same property as the famous Rio da Prata. The activities that happen at this place, just like Rio da Prata, are snorkeling and scuba diving.

The diving options are* ** ***:
- Baptism or Discovery Diving: Up to 8 meters deep, meant for people who have never gone diving and/or do not have diving credentials
- Basic Diving: Up to 18 meters deep, meant for people who have basic level credentials
- Advanced Diving: Up to 25 meters deep, meant for people who have advanced level credentials
- Nitrox Advanced Diving: Up to 30 meters deeps, meant for people who have advanced level credentials and the necessary Nitrox training
*There are more technical diving options, which happen to be cave diving experiences. They may go as far as 40 or 60 meters deep. If this sounds like your thing, click here for more information and talk to our staff to make your reservations!
** Baptismo or Discovery and Basic levels diving do not operate during the warmer months. The other options do, but may have some restrictions due to limited visibility. Talk to our staff to check the lake's situation on the dates you would like to do the activity.
***Anything different from baptism or discovery diving requires that the diver's credentials be presented at the activity's front desk. Visitors who are not able to present their credentials will have their reservations changed to baptism or discovery, going no further than 8 meters deep.

Because of Bonito MS Brazil's rules and standards, as well the location's own rules and regulations, all diving experiences happen with 1 instructor for every 2 visitors.

The two big things at this place are the water transparency and the depth. The water is so clear, that it looks blue-ish. It is an impressive, turquoise blue and you feel like you just flying around! As for the depth, it is over 220 meters deep! Can you imagine looking down something that deep? It is totally an unique experience, almost unbelievable!

The people who dive here, rather they are beginners doing baptism and discovery or experienced divers doing advanced, usually come out from Lagoa Misteriosa with renewed energies and huge smiles!

- Go to Rio da Prata's front desk and show your Lagoa Misteriosa voucher;
- Pay attention to the directions on how to get to Lagoa Misteriosa's front desk and its operation;
- Once at Lagoa Misteriosa's front desk, hand your voucher over to the staff and, in case of certified dives, you must also hand them your diving credentials (Lagoa Misteriosa staff cannot look credentials up online, so they must be presented with the voucher);
- Once the paperwork is done, you will get the wetsuits and shoes and can use the bathrooms to change;
- When everyone is ready, the instructor will lead the group down the 600-meter trail that goes into the small valley, making a stop for pictures at the overlook;
- The Lagoa Misteriosa access is down the 180-step staircase;
- At the access dock, the instructor explains the dive and the equipment, helping people as needed;
- According to the instructor's instructions, the dive begins;
- The areas visited and the dive's pace depend on the day's logistics, the visitors' credentials and on how the process is flowing;
- This is the time to look around and see the wonderful blue waters, look up and see the treetops beyond the water level and/or look down and see the mysterious infinity;
- When it comes time to end the activity, the instructor will signal the group;
- Back to the docks, once the scuba diving equipment is off, everyone goes up the 180 steps to take the trail back to the front desk area;
- At the front desk area, the bathrooms can be used for changing and everyone is free to leave or get back to Rio da Prata's area;
*This dive's operation usually takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but that can vary due to weather conditions and/or group needs;

- Bathrooms
*Rio da Prata is at the same farm and offers a restaurant, hammocks, shop with both Lagoa Misteriosa and Rio da Prata souvenirs, and bathrooms with electric showers.

- Swimwear
- Towel
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
*In order to do the diving options that require credentials, bring your credentials so that you can present them along with the voucher

AGES* **: This activity is for people between 10 and 65 years old.
*The restriction for the top limit, 65 years of age, is the staircase. This means that people older than 65 who are capable and willing to overcome the 180 steps can be evaluated and possibly cleared to do the activity.
**The instructors have the authority to keep anyone from participating if they feel like the group's safety could be compromised.

BEARDS AND MUSTACHES: Snorkeling and diving masks need direct contact with the skin in order to seal properly. Hoping to ensure this happens, we suggest shaving on the days when you will be doing these activities.

PRICE: Per person

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff about including it

LUNCH: Not included, talk to our staff about including lunch at Rio da Prata, which is at the same farm and therefore shares the restaurant

- Snorkeling at Lagoa Misteriosa
- Snorkeling at Rio da Prata
- Scuba diving at Rio da Prata
- Horse riding at Rio da Prata

DISTANCE FROM DOWNTOWN BONITO: Around 50 km, out of which 15 are not paved (There is a longer way, around 50 km more, that is completely paved)

Bonito activity prices are set by the attractions themselves and strictly controlled, equal at all agencies. Variations may happen because of rates expiration dates and/or differences between low and high season rates.