Praia da Figueira and Snorkeling at Rio Formoso

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  • Banheiros
  • Restaurante
  • Bar
  • Redário
  • Lago / Lagoa
    Lago / Lagoa
  • Tirolesa para brincar
    Tirolesa para brincar
  • Parquinho
  • Espreguiçadeiras
  • Área para vôlei
    Área para vôlei

What to bring

  • Roupa de Banho
  • Máquina Subaquática
  • Chinelo
  • Dinheiro
  • Protetor Solar
  • Repelente
  • Toalha


Not included. Talk to our staff to include it.


All ages

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


Get every detail:

People who like the Bonito MS Brazil swim areas, usually love Praia da Figueira!! There's plenty to do: Lake, kiosks, lounge chais, playground and more!

What not everyone knows, is that the place is also a great option for snorkeling!! Rio Formoso, at one of its clearest points, goes through the property and that's why the operate snorkeling there.

Because it's not at the river springs themselves, the water is less clear than other places in Bonito, but it's still filled with fish and an amazing experience! If you keep in mind that when doing this activity you get to enjoy the whole day at Praia da Figueira, this becomes the best cost benefit ration for your trip!

- When you arrive, hand your voucher in at the front desk and sign up for conssessions
- Pay attention to the information on group and time organization
- When it's time to start, the guide will get everyone together to provide initial information and the equipment: Wetsuit, mask, snorkel and shoes
- The group can use the changing rooms to get ready
- Once everyone is ready, the guide leads the way to the river
- At the river, those who need help can get some instructions from the guide
- The activity consists of snorkeling down Formoso River, looking at the fish, the woods and enjoying nature's energies
- When snorkeling is finished, the group walks the short trail back to the main areas
*This entire process takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it may vary due to weather conditions and/or the group's abilities and needs

- Restrooms
- Restaurant
- Sand volleyball
- Hammocks
- Lake with kiosks and zip line
- Playground

- Swimwear
- Towel
- Underwater camera
- Cash for extras
- Insect repellent and sun lotion (Though you may not be allowed to use it while snorkeling, you may want to have them before and/or after the activity)

AGES: This activity is for children 6 and up.

PRICE: Per person

TRANSPORTATION: Not included. Talk to our staff about including it.

LUNCH: Not included. Talk to our staff about including it.

DISTANCE FROM BONITO DOWNTOWN: Around 15 km, mostly not paved

Bonito activity prices are set by the attractions themselves and strictly controlled, equal at all agencies. Variations may happen because of rates expiration dates and/or differences between low and high season rates.