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Not included, this location does not have meal services.


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Are you afraid of snakes? Do they creep you out? Then the Boa Constrictor Project in Bonito MS Brazil will do you a lot of good! It is basically a talk discussing these animals and many of our misconceptions around them. But, it is also practically a stand-up comedy show, because everything is funny, light, and entertaining.

The presenter handles a Boa Constrictor the whole time, showing that the project's animals are docile and safe. Once the talk has ended, it will be your turn to have one of the project's famous snakes around your neck for a picture.

Projeto Jiboia, the name in Portuguese, directly translates to Boa Constrictor Project. Though there are different species around to be seen, the snakes used in the presentations are all Boa Constrictors.

The presenter speaks in Portuguese only and there is no language support for those who are not able to follow.

- When you arrive at the front desk, hand your voucher over to staff;
- Pay attention to the directions about the number you receive, because it is used to determine the order for the pictures in the end;
- While you wait for the talk to begin, look around at the different animals shown at the project;
- The presenter will start around 7 pm;
- When the presenter finishes, the numbers will be called in order for people to take their pictures;
- As the pictures are taken, people are free to go or can stay to watch others get their pictures;
- The talk itself lasts around 2 hours, but it may vary based on the presenter;

- Restrooms;
- Terrariums;
- Auditorium;
- Water and t-shirt sales;

- Open mind;
- Good mood;
- Camera;
- Cash for general expenses;

AGES: This activity is for all ages, but children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult

PRICE: Per person

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to us about including it

MEAL: Not included, this activity does not provide food

DISTANCE FROM DOWNTOWN BONITO: This activity is in Bonito's urban district, about 1 km from Praça da Liberdade (The town's main square), the way is totally paved