4 Wheeling (ATV Riding) at Trilha Boiadeira

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  • Banheiros

What to bring

  • Protetor Solar
  • Repelente
  • Tênis
  • Calça longa
  • Água


Not included, this location does not have meal services.


Ages 8 and up

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


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Mato Grosso do Sul state has a deep, long cattle ranching tradition. The states landscapes and views are mostly farms with different species of cattle. The history includes years of cowboys taking cattle to and fro different farms and pastures.

Bonito was a part of it all. In some way, it still is. There was a trail that was heavily used by cowboys when they needed to go around the town and continue on with their animals. This trail became known as Trilha Boiadeira (Cow's Trail). Today, on this trail, there is a 4 wheeling (ATV riding) activity.

People who do the Trilha Boiadeira (Cow's Trail) 4 wheeling (ATV riding) activity get to know the some of the trail and use it to have fun. The activity, because of this history, is one of the more traditional options and tend to please different kinds of travelers.

- Use the Bonito map and road signs to get to the activity, which is at an urban area next to Bonito downtown;
- Once at the main offices, hand your voucher in to the staff and pay attention to the safety information;
- Also listen to the information on group organization;
- When it is time to start, the instructor will gather the group to provide more orientation and hand out helmets;
- Once the whole group is ready, the instructor will help each person get on their 4 wheeler (ATV) and then leads the way to the trail;
- Throughout the 7 km, the group can have fun and enjoy the obstacles, so long as they follow the rules and guidelines;
- The trail ends back in the main area and, once there, everyone is free to get off the vehicles and return the helmets;
*The activity usually lasts around 01 hour, but it can vary due to weather conditions and/or group needs;

- Bathrooms

- Tennis shoes or boots, mandatory
- Long pants, to protect your legs from possible mud splatters
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
- Cash for extras

AGES: This activity is for people between the ages of 06 and 65, though people must be able to prove they are at least 16 years old in order to be a driver. Children under 16 are limited to riding along with others.

WEIGHT: The weight on each 4 wheeler (ATV) cannot exceed 200 kg. This is also true in cases where two people ride the same vehicle, making it so that together they have to weight less than 200 kg.

PRICE*: Per person, considering 1 adult per 4 wheeler (ATV)
*Prices vary when there are children or people riding with other people. Talk to your staff before you consider an amount final.

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff about including it

MEAL: Not included, this place does not have any kind of food service

DISTANCE FROM DOWNTOWN BONITO: This activity's main office is located in an urban area, right next to downtown Bonito.

Bonito activity prices are set by the attractions themselves and strictly controlled, equal at all agencies. Variations may happen because of rates expiration dates and/or differences between low and high season rates.