Boca da Onça Rappelling

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  • Banheiros
  • Piscina
  • Restaurante
  • Redário
  • Armários
  • Chuveiros
  • Pista de Pouso
    Pista de Pouso

What to bring

  • Roupa de Banho
  • Protetor Solar
  • Repelente
  • Tênis
  • Meias
  • Chapéu/Boné
  • Toalha
  • Água


Yes, always included for this activity


Ages 8 and up

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


Get every detail:

Boca da Onça is one of the most traditional activities in Bonito MS Brazil's area and the only one in the waterfalls category with a rappel option!

Those who do go rappelling begin the waterfalls nature walk activity in a completely different way, able to see the Salobra River Canyon from unforgettable points of view!

After dropping down from the highest rappelling platform in Brazil to the meeting point, the rest of the activity includes all of the main places, such as Boca da Onça Falls (The tallest in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul), the support kiosk, Buraco do Macaco Falls (One of the most incredible falls you will visit) and the other falls along the nature walk's way.

Boca da Onça literally translates to Jaguar's Mouth. The falls got the name due to the rock formation being shaped like a jaguar's mouth.

Buraco do Macaco means Monkey's Hole and the place got its name because there literally is a hole you must swim through to get to these falls.



If the training happens in town, then it must be done the night before the activity itself. Because the activity changes logistics based on the staff and the season, be sure to get this information from the agency when you arrive in Bonito. The details described below are based on the situation in which the training happens directly at the place, the day of, which is more common, but may not be your case.
- When you arrive at the main areas, hand your voucher to the front desk staff;
- Pay attention to the information on training, times, groups, and tickets for drinks and snacks;
- The instructor staff will gather everyone for the training, which happens at the platform near the main areas and begins with equipment explanation;
- Once everything is explained and everyone has the equipment on, the instructors organize the group so that people can go up the stairs to the platform and back down using the rappelling equipment;
- This is the time to check if your clothes and gear are comfortable and also ask any questions you may have about how things work;
- When everyone is done training, the group goes over to do the actual waterfalls activity safety video and insurance paperwork in the mains areas;
- When the instructors give the ok, the group goes to the trailhead, each in their own car;
- When everyone has gathered back together at the trailhead parking lot, the group goes on the short walk to the rappelling platform;
- We strongly suggest leaving heavier objects in the car, because the trail is long - 4 km - and has lots of stairs - over 300 steps;
- When the instructors say it is your turn, they will clip you on and you will rappel down the 90 meters and enjoy the wonderful views of the canyon, the river, and the woods surrounding the area;
- There will be an instructor at the bottom to help unclip you from the rope and undo the gear;
- Your things (Bags and backpacks) will be lowered after;
- If there are people with you at the activity who are not rappelling, this is the place where everyone meets up to go on the nature walk and the rest of the activity together;
- The nature walk goes by different waterfalls for pictures and observation, including Boca da Onça (At 156 meters tall, it is the tallest in the state);
- Depending on weather conditions, some waterfalls may be open for swimming;
- The end of the activity is at the same place where it began, so that everyone can drive their cards back to the main areas;
- Once the group is back to the main areas, people are free to change, have lunch, enjoy the pool or the hammocks, etc;
* Rappelling and the nature walk, with its stops, usually lasts between 4 and 5 hours, but it may vary due to weather conditions and/or specific group needs;



- Restrooms with lockers and showers
- Souvenirs shop
- Restaurant
- Pool with natural river water
- Hammocks



- Good shoes such as sneakers, boots, Crocs or Tevas (Mandatory)
- Light clothes
- Swimwear
- Towel
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
- Cash for general expenses



Children may be kept from doing this activity not based on age, but on size. The minimum weight requirement is 50 kg and height must be so that the safety equipment provided fits correctly.



Per person



Not included, talk to us about including it



Always included at this activity



- Boca da Onça Waterfalls Nature Walk (It is the same activity as this, but no rappelling included.



Around 60 km out of which 10 are not paved (This activity is in Bodoquena, a town next to Bonito)