Horse Riding at Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso

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  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Hammocks
  • Lockers
  • Lake
  • Zipline to play
    Zipline to play
  • Lounge Chairs
    Lounge Chairs

What to bring

  • Cash
  • Repellent
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Hat
  • Long Pants


Not included. Talk to our staff to include it.


Ages 10 and up

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


Get every detail:

Close to downtown Bonito MS Brazil, you will find Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso, a place with several activities to choose from, lots of green, Formoso River and a wonderful pond. One of the options is horse riding, which not only goes through woods and over open fields, but also includes a stop for swimming and splashing around Formoso River's crystal clear waters.

- When you arrive, hand your voucher in at the front desk;
- Pay attention to the information on how the groups are organized, because there are never more than 8 people in each one;
- When it is time to begin, the instructor will gather everyone to check outfits and shoes, as well as provide initial information;
- Once the group is ready, the instructor will let everyone know which horses should be mounted by whom and help those who might need assistance;
- When the group is all set, the instructor will open the gate and the horses begin the walk down the trail;
- The horses are friendly, walk in a single file line and already know the entire path;
- The trail includes open fields, possibly with cattle, and areas in Formoso River's surrounding woods;
- When the time for playing in the river comes, the instructor will let the group know where the horses should be, help visitors who need assistance getting down, and tie the horses;
- When everyone is done enjoying the break and/or river waters, the group gets back on the horses to take a different path back;
- Once back where the activity started, the horses should be directed to the fences, so that they can be tied and visitors can hop off;
- When everyone is off the horses and out of their area, the group is free to change and/or enjoy the pond's area, according to each person's schedule;
- Lunch, if included, may happen before or after the activity, depending on its scheduled time;
*The who operation usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it could vary due to weather conditions and/or group needs;

- Bathrooms
- Changing rooms with lockers
- Restaurant
- Pond with zip line, swimming docks, stand up paddling and other equipment
- Grassed area with lounge chairs and tables with umbrellas;
- Hammocks

- Light clothing
- Tennis shoes, boots or similar shoes
- Swimwear
- Towel
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
- Cash for extras

- Children between zero and 9 years old cannot participate in this activity
- Children who are 10 and up may do the activity on a horse on their own

WEIGHT**: This activity is for people who weigh less than 110 kg only

** The instructors have the authority to keep anyone from participating if they feel like it could risk the group's safety

PRICE: Per person

TRANSPORTATION: Not included, talk to our staff about including it

LUNCH: Not included, talk to our staff about including it

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