São Mateus (St. Matthew) Cave

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  • Banheiros

What to bring

  • Protetor Solar
  • Repelente
  • Tênis
  • Chapéu/Boné
  • Máquina Fotográfica
  • Água


Not included, this location does not have meal services.


Ages 5 and up

Physical Abilities


Duration (minutes)


Get every detail:

The São Mateus (St. Matthew) Cave activity in Bonito MS Brazil is one of the best dry options, because it is near downtown Bonito and works for many types of travelers.

Not only will you go into the cave, to see the wonderful rock formations and trails, but you will also visit the little museum in the main areas.

Because this activity only opened recently, it is not famous quite yet, but the feedback has been very positive! As far as the Bonito caves go, this one has the most interesting trail.


- When you arrive, turn your voucher in at the front desk (Inside the museum building)
- Pay attention to the information on group organization, each group is no more than 15 people
- When it is time to begin, the guide will gather the group to provide more information and lead everyone up the stairs to the third floor
- The third floor is the place where the guide will hand out helmets, flashlights and make sure everyone's shoes are appropriate and allowed
- Once the group is ready, the nature walk begins on the third floor itself, because there is a bridge connecting the building to the trail
- The guide instructs people and keeps the pace slow, because the terrain is steep
- The cave's entrance, like several places inside it, are small, may have steps and has little natural light
- The guide will show and explain the rock formations and phenomenon present in this side of nature that we may sometimes forget about
- The walk inside the cave eventually ends at the exit, which is not the same place as the entrance, and precedes the return trail
- Everyone walks back, mostly downhill now, looking at the landscapes and woods nearby
- When you get back to the main areas, be sure to turn your helmet back in
- The pace is slow and relaxed before, during and after the cave, because the guide makes stops to deliver explanations and also give people a chance to take a break
* The whole operation usually lasts up to 2 hours, but it may vary due to weather conditions and/or specific group needs


- Restrooms


- Light clothes
- A cap or hat
- Insect repellent
- Sun lotion
- Camera for pictures
- Good sturdy shoes, like tennis shoes or boots (Mandatory)


This activity is for children above 5 years old only.
Regardless of age, it is not recommended for people who have had trouble with labyrinthitis or have any kind of mobility limitation because of the steep trail and also the many steps inside the cave.


Per person


Not included, talk to us about including it


Not included, this activity does not provide food


Around 3 km, mostly not paved

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