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The Pantanal region is the largest flat wetlands on the planet! Can you imagine how big something deserving of this title?

There are lots of rivers, animals, plants and things you can imagine coming together to create an unbelievable natural scenery that is healthy and diverse!

When making plans to travel to, or within, Pantanal, there are different transportation options. Services include vans or even 4x4 vehicles. However, flights are amazing! Not only are they more comfortable and faster, but traveling to, or within, Pantanal in a small aircraft ends up being an outstanding adventure in itself! When you choose this mean of transportation, you are spending a little more, but that is in exchange of a very unique opportunity: Seeing Pantanal from up high is rare and totally unforgettable! Only from up there can you get a real sense of how large and rich the area is. A panoramic view makes it easier to comprehend and appreciate Pantanal's landscape, plants, and animals!

Take a look at the table below, so that you can better understand the services and their prices, considering Campo Grande as the flight's starting point for flights to just about anywhere in Pantanal. If you do not find your options on the list, talk to our staff for more prices and details.


Based on departures out of Campo Grande MS Brazil
(Closest commercial airport to Pantanal - CGR)


Prices per trip in a small aircraft;

Valid thru dec.31.2016;


Farm/Lodge Name


Approx. Trip Time

Price for up to 3 people
Price for up to 5 people
190 1 2.875 3.375
Barra Mansa
260 1.5 3.625 4.188
Baía das Pedras
295 1.5 3.625 4.125
Barranco Alto 270 1.5 3.625 4.188



- Pictures are for general illustration only;

Services happen in small aircrafts such as Seneca III, Cessna 182, or similar types;

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