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When the time to leave comes, you can fly out of Bonito MS Brazil airport itself with Azul airlines. The airport code is BYO. Talk to our staff for information on dates and prices.

If the flights are all set, the next step is booking transportation from your hotel to the airport. There are different options for the 15 km stretch (All paved).

The most affordable option is the shared transportation service. The name says it all. This options is shared with other people and therefore goes by different hotels, etc. This is the best option for those who seek the lowest price.

- The vehicle leaves the garage and goes by every Bonito hotel where there are passengers with reservations made, this makes delays of up to 30 minutes be considered normal;
- It is extremely important that you provide correct information when making reservations, pay attention to times, and be ready, with check-out done, at the hotel's reception area;
- Once everyone has been picked up and the vehicle is cleared, the 15-km trip takes around 20 minutes;
- Upon arriving at the airport, everyone is dropped off right in front of the terminal, which is small and easy to navigate;
*This entire operation may take up to 2 hours in normal conditions; Because there is always a chance that something unexpected may happen along the way, we strongly suggest some leeway time; Losses and/or any trouble resulted from delays in shared transportation services are the client's responsibility;

VEHICLE: The vehicle and driver for shared transportation services are set the day of; Depending on the total number of people it could be a regular car, a larger car, a van, or even a bus;

PRICE: Per person

INFORMATION NEEDED FOR RESERVATION: Full name, age and id number for each passenger; Name and/or address for pick up place in Bonito; Departure flight information (Date, time, airline and flight number); 

IMPORTANT: Shared transportation services work with Bonito MS Brazil's urban hotels only. It does not go by hotels that are away from town (Boyrá, Santa Esmeralda, Canto do Bambú and more). When in doubt, it is best to check with our staff before confirming your reservations!